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Two Babies. One Nursery.

We are just a little over 5 weeks from meeting our little baby boy and goodness gracious are we excited!! It has become an everyday conversation with Charlee that she is going to have a little brother soon and although I don’t think she understands exactly what we are saying, there are moments when she will lean into my belly as if she is giving him a hug! … At least that’s what I am choosing to believe… more likely than not though, she is probably tired and is using my growing belly as a makeshift pillow.  #momlife 

I still catch myself questioning “are we really going to do this whole 2-under-2 thing?!” and the answer every time is still yes. yes we are. The only part (right now) that is a little concerning to me is the sleep situation,  just because we live in a 2 bedroom apartment and yep, you guessed it, they will be sharing a room! 

Please send prayers. 

I have been trying to figure out how to organize/decorate their room in a way that will be both cute but also practical because i’ll have a one-year-old and a one-month-old. Needless to say, practicality is a MUST. I have put together an inspiration board for their room and will be tackling that project over the next couple of weeks! I thought I would share it just in case anyone else out there is in the same boat as me!

  • One.  I am pretty much in love with these signs! My plan is to have one hanging over Levi’s crib that will look almost identical to the one in the picture but I also want to have one hanging over Charlee’s crib that will say “I am a daughter of the king…” Because these are so big and because what they say is so powerful I am planning on these being the main focal piece of the room!  
  • Two.  Aden and Anais is one of the best companies (in my opinion) out there right now for baby products! Everything we own from them we love and I am planning on getting a couple pair of sheets for the kids cribs because they are so soft and easy to care for. 
  • Three.  Teepees!! Insert all the heart eyes. I love teepees and would love love love to have one in the kids room. Unfortunately, due to lack of space, I don’t think it will fit but I guarantee that the moment we have a play room this will be one of the first purchases! 
  • Four.  Again, this probably won’t be what the kids closet looks like this go-round but how beautiful is this picture?! So clean, so simple, and would be perfect for a shared closet!! Thankfully our closets right now are pretty big so I am not too worried about lack of space for the kids clothes! 
  • Five.  I just love this little rocking chair corner. We have a rocking chair already because of Charlee but I want to brighten up our space like the one in the picture. Also- I love the books on the floating shelves… I might just have to ask Lee to make that a reality for us! 🙂 
  • Six.  Shoutout to my incredible husband because he built the kids cribs!! Like from scratch. I was and still am very impressed! The crib in the photo above isn’t the one he built but it looks very similar to it! I love that the kids will have matching cribs and I just think it is so special that their daddy built the cribs just for them! 
  • Seven.  These blankets are perfection. Seriously, don’t you just want to crawl into the picture and cuddle up with one of those bad boys?! I do. I am thinking about getting a pink one to hang over Charlee’s crib and maybe the gray one to go over Levis. I just love how cozy they look and think they would be the perfect addition to the room. 

Well friends, thats all for now! 

Wish me luck and stay tuned for pictures of the finished product!! 

Until next time,



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